viernes, 18 de mayo de 2007

My hobbies..

My hobbies in general are two. the music and the computer. I love music. Every day I go to "Conservatori de Música de SAbadell" and I have a music class. I sing and play the oboe. I play to the band. i was sing in the Opera "La lluna en un cove".

And my other hobby is play the computer. I go to Internet and I play, walk, have the homework,...

In summary: I love computer, I love music!

..My self.. my rotine

My self is very bored. Every day is the same. Every day I go to school. when finish school, retorn to my house. In this I have the homework and after go to music. In the weekend I meet to my friend. We go to the cinema or walk to the street.

I repea, my self is bored.

My house...My bedroom

My bedroom is small. the walls are light blue. in the middle, next to walls, there is a bed.

In my bedroom there is a window. under the window there is a desk. in he, there are a lot of books, there's a portable computer, and there's a CD player. next to the door there are two cupboard. in one cupboard there're clothers.
In the ciling there are three stars..
and in the walls there are a El canto del Loco poster's.
And this is my small bedroom...

viernes, 23 de marzo de 2007

*__don't worRy, be hapPy__*


hoW are you?¿ i'm veRy good!!

today is friday!! yeEaah!! =D

this picture is very handsome!!


iS my dreAm..

___don't worRy, be hapPy__[!]

i loVe you..

mY bloG_[!]*


This iS mY bloG!!

mY namE iS albA!!

i lovE musiC..!!

anD play computer.. =P

see yoU!!